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7:00 am
FIRST Tech Challenge

Home Page Game 1

9:00 am
FIRST Robotics Competition

Home Page Game 2

9:00 am
2023 FRC Tallahasse Regional

Tallahassee Regional

Team 2152

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Logan D.
Dr. Smash
Brian W.
Electrical LeadMechanical Lead
Kaden M.
Awards Team Lead
Simon G.
Machining Lead
Sandro R.
CAD Lead
Ryan H.
Programming Lead
Maximus Q
Maximus Q.
Website Manager
Carl T.
Website Manager
Drew G.
Leadership Assist
Eli F.
Leadership Assist
Corbin M
Corbin M.
Awards Team
Robert R
Robert R.
Awards Team
Teagan R
Teagan R.
Mechanical Team
Brandon C
Brandon C.
Mechanical Team
Bryce M
Bryce M.
Website Manager
Malik B
Malik B.
Programming Team
Ben L.
Ben L.
CAD Team
Elena L.
Awards Team
Molly H.
Awards Team
Tyler G.
CAD Team
Team 2152


Team 2152 is gracious for the support of our sponsors that help pay for registration, travel, raw materials and parts for our robots. As the games evolve so does our need for additional tools. This year we've developed a wish list and would welcome your support. 100% of any donations go directly to support the team and building of the robot.

Special Thanks To Our Sponsors!

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